The NBA Playoffs are now fully underway….meaning the best sports league in the world has officially entered playoff mode!!! I don’t care what anyone says, the NBA is the best. The personalities across the league, including both the players and the media, create a unique atmosphere that no other sports league can touch. It’s like watching a real-life television show. Seemingly every night brings a new storyline.

And yes, the Warriors are probably going to win again. I’ll agree that the past couple of years with the Warriors plus Durant have created anti-climatic endings to the seasons, but it’s only going to make it better when they eventually fall. Who knows? Maybe this is the year the Warriors Dynasty finally falls.

And with teams powering up to bring down the Warriors, it’s making the rest of the league very fun to watch. Teams like Houston, Denver, Milwaukee, Toronto, Philadelphia and Boston are the top challengers to take the throne and I’ll have a blast watching them try.

There’s nothing like watching the best of the best taking each other on night after night in playoff mode. For example, watching Dame and Russ go at it for the first round was top-level basketball. And it wasn’t just because of their play, it was because of the pettiness and dislike they showed for each other on the court. And who will ever forget this shot to win the series by Dame:

That’s Playoff Basketball.

And now with only two playoff series left in the first round, the playoffs will only continue to get spicier storylines and moments in the next month/month and a half.

My San Antonio Spurs may not make it past the first round, but their in the playoffs for a record 22nd straight year.  And it’s a blast seeing them try to upset the nuggets.

I’m taking the Raptors to come out of the East. The West? I’ll take the Rockets.

NBA Champion? The Raptors. That defense is nasty and I love Danny Green, so if my Spurs can’t win, I’ll take my beloved former-Spur to win. Also they have Kawhi Leonard…

Damn it Kawhi, this could’ve been the Spurs!



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