My UNC 23 was the most exciting and valuable project I took part in while at UNC.  As part of my new media technologies class, our class had to work together to form a social media campaign from scratch.  The goal was to promote our own take on a bucket list.  The class separated into teams, including social media, marketing, design, web, and video teams.  I was a co-leader of the video team; my friend and master-editor Austin Moses was the other.

We gathered and shot a lot of video.  Video of people doing things that are both traditional and non-traditional at UNC.  Long hours of shooting, brainstorming and editing resulted in this video:

We worked together with the whole class to bring exposure to our brand and get Carolina alumni to promote us too.  It was a great experience and it showed me what is possible with the power of social media and having a passion for your product.



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